December someday, 2019.

Day ?.
Margherita arrived way too early, in fact she was already there the night before cause she is a F#€”£$”! professional.
The main problem of the day was dealing with Adriano’s Tongue Twisting Lyrics, which caused some serious issues, expecially in the sentence “People Packed Like Salmons in a river getting nowhere”. Fabio kept losing hair in the meantime.

From left: Fabio getting older day by day dealing with us, Margherita searching for answer in the void, Adriano bullying his own reflection

Once again everything went quite smoothly and after 8 hours we completed most of the recordings. We also managed to take a rare picture of Margherita Smiling thanks to Adriano wearing for some weird reason a white sweater. (Adriano never wears white clothing!)

Margherita is happy cause she managed to sing Nonexistent