November 27, 2019.

Day 6.
Tiziano arrived late because it was raining. (For non Roman people, you have to know that when in Rome it rains, everything slows down to the point that a sloth is actually considered a ferrari). Despite that we managed to reach Playrec Studios to record Tiziano’s vocal parts.

From left: A guy with that just discovered something important, A guy that forgot something important.

Everything went quite smooth until we started to record the “ballad” “lights out” which, being such an emotional song requires everybody to be depressed to be able to proceed. So we started watching videos on youtube till we found a 8 years old guy playing a Steve Vai song. That got us depressed enough and the recording went smoothly from that moment on.

Pretending to be doing something important while in reality they are just checking Minecraft

By the end of the day we managed to record 2 songs and several harmony parts but already looking forward for the next day and how to get depressed enough to deal with the other songs. Thankfully youtube is full of 8yo kids playing the weirdest things, so it’s really not that hard.