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Beyond the Universe

Beyond the Universe Nemesis I,

is theIcon’s debut album available in stores from January 27, 2022.

This concept album divided in two acts tells the story of Emily and Abe, a couple from Montauk (NY) which has to deal with an illogical twist of fate that brings Emily on another universe, ours.
Follow the story of both characters and their downward spiral, both in search for a way to find a meaning when there’s none to be found.

This recording features Daria and Margherita as the two sides of Emily while Tiziano and our guest star Valerio Granieri (Rome in Monochrome) as the two sides of Abe.


Act 1:

  1. 13 North End Avenue
  2. A Different Sky
  3. Anthem
  4. No Unicorns
  5. She Is The One
  6. Plastic Sunsets
  7. Reset Day
  8. End Of The Line

Act 2:

  1. Montauk
  2. Two Worlds
  3. The Heart Of Everything
  4. Exit Strategy
  5. Another World
  6. Dissociative Identity Disorder
  7. Nonexistent
  8. Beyond The Universe
  9. Lights Out

Beyond the universe I & II was recorded at theIcon studios (bass, guitars, keyboards, drums) and at Playrec Studio (vocals) in a 2 years span (thanks Covid!), it has been Mixed by Fabio Fraschini (Novembre, Starship9) who also appears as a guest star on No Unicorns.
The final mastering has been done by our own dear Luca in his Studios.

How Emily lost herself in a different world
How Abe thought he saw it all

Beyond the Universe Act I – tagline

All the lies we tell ourselves
“Wanting to be just a Truman that never finds out”. – No Unicorns
State A, State B – EElst
The chords Ab Major and E minor which will never sound good together.

Kudos and Random Inspirational tags:
David Lynch, Walter Bishop, #Instacancer, Robert Sheckley, Jim Carrey & Kate Winslet, Max & Chloe, 2B & A2, Massimo Fagioli.