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Welcome to theIcon official website. 

We are a collective of musicians trying to represent, in the very best way we could, the soundtrack of our own life.
We don’t do this for money, fame, fortune, glory and a shiny beverly hills mansion but for the sake of a way more pretentious principle:

Music is communication and we can’t just shut up. 


So well, This Is The Icon.

Next release: Beyond the Universe Act I & II – Q3 2021

  • scouting for places
    The original idea for Beyond the Universe was to write the story in Anchorage, Alaska. I always loved Alaska ( I also love Shadow Gallery’s song named Alaska
  • mixing
    Mixing is probably one of the most time-consuming activities, and despite Fabio is a master (or a mixer? – pun intended) in this, the task took almost 4 months.
  • voice recording sessions #3
    Day ? Margherita arrived way too early, in fact she was already there the night before cause she is a F#€”£$”! professional. The main problem of the day was dealing with
  • voice recording session #2
    Day 6 Tiziano arrived late because it was raining. (For non Roman people, you have to know that when in Rome it rains, everything slows down to the point that a sloth is actually considered a ferrari).