November 5, 2019.

Day 1.
Daria arrived right on time, yet Adriano smoked 13 fake cigarettes (one per minute) while Massimiliano kept staring at the sky (or pigeons), that has to be clarified.

From left: A man with a reassuring face, A happy girl for no reason, A guy with a black condom on his head

Fabio set up the recordings and Adriano, despite his remarkable organization on par of a Disney Project Manager, forgot the usb key with the stems of one of the tracks we were supposed to record. Let’s pretend this never happened.

For the voices we used Neve pre amps and a Neumann microphone encased in a weird d20 foam shape.

Neve Preamp and Random Knobs

Daria to warm up recorded the song “Another World”. First attempt = Final attempt. One single take. Massimiliano and Fabio got shivers. Adriano Cried.
We spent the rest of the day with Fabio trying to explain what a Compressor actually does and Daria finishing her crosswords.