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Two Worlds

Releasing: November 4, 2021

Single taken from the upcoming album “Beyond the Universe – Act 2”

Check the official video here!

Produced by: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Mixed by: Fabio Fraschini @Playrec Studios
Mastered by: Luca Fareri
Photography: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Artworks and Art Direction: Adriano Taccoli

Margherita Palladino: Lead Vocals
Daria Simonetti: Lead Vocals
Tiziano Bernardini: Lead Vocals
Massimiliano Liburdi: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Adriano Taccoli: Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Sfx
Luca Fareri: Acoustic and Electric Drums and Percussions

Two Worlds

Montauk, NY

Does it really matter
knowing why I have become
a smiling action figure
trapped inside a crystal ball ?

Watching the plastic fake snow that’s falling down,
bottom-side-up I’m still here, hoping to hear the crashing sound

Look in my world,
Can’t you see I’m trying so hard
To find my way home ?
Can’t you hear me crying through
a wall that I can’t break ?
Will you come and wake me?
Will it disappear?
Will you find the strength to cross between two worlds?

Misplaced and tired
I drift inside a state of mind,
Awake in a nightmare I never asked for
Yet nobody cares

Searching for pieces of a life that’s gone forever
In every word I left unsaid
In every moment you’re not here

Can’t you see I’m trying so hard
To find my way home .
Can’t you hear me crying through
a barrier I can’t break .
Can I stand a chance against the universe?
when into my hands there’s nothing but still rain

Look at my world
I’m so tired to fight against things that I can’t explain
Can’t you see I’m trying so hard to understand ?
Will you come and take me far from all of this ?
Will you sacrifice your world to save mine ?

Music: theIcon
Lyrics: Adriano Taccoli