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Reset Day

Releasing: December 30, 2021

First Single taken from the upcoming album “Beyond the Universe – Act 1”

Check the official video here!

Produced by: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Mixed by: Fabio Fraschini @Playrec Studios
Mastered by: Luca Fareri
Photography: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Artworks and Art Direction: Adriano Taccoli

Daria Simonetti: Lead Vocals
Margherita Palladino: Lead Vocals
Tiziano Bernardini: Lead Vocals
Massimiliano Liburdi: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Adriano Taccoli: Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Sfx
Luca Fareri: Acoustic and Electric Drums and Percussions

Reset Day

Montauk, NY

Of all the battles fought in years and years of useless wars.
Of all the lost causes embraced for nothing
and lost for nothing more
Here comes my crooked reality
made with our useless memories:

Here’s where you laughed so joyfully
here’s where we kissed under that tree
here’s where we lived,
here’s our home
you’re in every moment of my life.
Lasting for that day when
I won’t need to hide such pain.

Here’s where I threw my life away
here’s where I fought alone against
all your fears, frustrations
and a dream you’d never admit
yet you’re the one who made it die.

It has never born
You cast its life away
So i’ll just walk away

I’ll just walk away, just walk away
and never care to look back
I must walk away, must walk away
and I won’t dare to hope again
I’m going today, I’m going today
The perfect way to disappear
I’m going away
I’m trying to find some strength to face my reset day

Of all the words: unheard
of all the acts: ignored
of all the calls: refused
of all these barriers

Of all the pride consumed
in those amusing acts
of all the calls I dropped
for all the things you said…

And all the life I dream
is drained piece by piece
from all the things we were
and what we’ll never be.
For every wasting year
of painful misery
for every fucking moment of our life

I will always find
myself too much, too late.
So I’ll just walk away.

I walk away, just walk away
begging to hear a distant call
Must walk away, must walk away
it looks just like I’m standing still
I leave today, I leave today
the perfect time to disappear
I’m going away but there’s no strength that’s left
to face the reset day.

Music: theIcon
Lyrics: Adriano Taccoli
Featuring: Valerio Granieri on Vocals