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113 North End Avenue

Beyond the Universe Act I

Releasing: January 27, 2022 – Preorder on Spotify and get access January 20 HERE.

This concept album divided in two acts tells the story of Emily and Abe, a couple from Montauk (NY) which has to deal with an illogical twist of fate that brings Emily on another universe, ours.
Follow the story of both characters and their downward spiral, both in search for a way to find a meaning when there’s none to be found.


  • 13 North End Avenue
  • A Different Sky
  • Anthem
  • No Unicorns
  • She Is The One
  • Plastic Sunsets
  • Reset Day
  • End Of The Line

Produced by: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Mixed by: Fabio Fraschini @Playrec Studios
Mastered by: Luca Fareri
Photography: Adriano Taccoli & Massimiliano Liburdi
Artworks and Art Direction: Adriano Taccoli

Daria Simonetti: Lead Vocals
Margherita Palladino: Lead Vocals
Tiziano Bernardini: Lead Vocals
Massimiliano Liburdi: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Adriano Taccoli: Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Sfx
Luca Fareri: Acoustic and Electric Drums and Percussions